EVER® skincare

In early October 2017, while scrolling through social media posts, my attention was drawn to a post by my friend Courtney who shared her daughter’s struggle with eczema and the incredible results they had using EVER’s Lavish Body Butter. I had taken care of Courtney’s daughter for many years and knew that they had tried a huge variety of creams and ointments.  Many a times I had applied those creams and ointments on her elbow and hands myself.  When I read that they had finally found a product that nourished her skin so well that the eczema disappeared, I was instantly intrigued.  I needed to find out more about these EVER skincare products!

As winter was approaching quickly—and the harsh winter air here in NYC is absolutely no friend to my skin—I started looking for a cream that could keep my skin nourished during those months of cold and dry air.  I contacted Courtney who recommended a trio of EVER moisturizers (including the Lavish Body Butter) and invited me to an EVER event at her home later that week to talk about the company, the products, and the business opportunity.  Of course I went, and I was blown away by the extensive and transformational EVER skincare product line, the company’s vision and mission statement, the luxurious presentation of the botanical skincare products, and the opportunity to join a fast-growing beauty startup.

By the end of October 2017 I had purchased a Specialist Starter Kit and started my EVER Skincare Regimen a week later. On the very first day I felt an instant difference:  baby-smooth skin.  By day two I already saw a visible result:  my skin cleared up!  By mid-week, my partner made a comment about how great my skin looked.  And by the next weekend I threw away all my other skincare products, and never looked back since!  I have never been happier with my skin!


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